Instructions for the use of phytoverm for strawberries and cucumbers

There are many drugs that destroy plant pests, but most of them are far from harmless to humans. They are used when it is still far from harvesting, but what to do if the fruits are already edible, and evil spirits destroy them? This is where it comes to the rescue Fitoverm, created on a natural basis. According to the instructions, it is practically harmless to humans, and after a couple of days it completely disintegrates, allowing you to safely eat the grown fruits.

Composition and purpose

The active substance of the drug is aversectin C... It is obtained from microorganisms that live in the soil. Fitoverm is used to destroy:

  • aphids,
  • spider mite,
  • Colorado potato beetle,
  • leaf rollers
  • whitefly
  • moths
  • thrips
  • herbivorous mites
  • moth
  • scabbards
  • mealybug

Its action is to paralyze the insect, as a result of which it dies of hunger on the second or third day after application. The duration of action is from one week to 20 days. Insects are not accustomed to phytoverm, so it can be used a large number of times.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of this drug is low toxicity with a sufficiently high impact efficiency. It does not accumulate in the cells of fruits and leaves. It can be used in very hot weather, while it is contraindicated for other drugs. Another indisputable advantage is the low price. It can be used as beforeand during flowering fruit plants.

The drug is absolutely harmless to plants, but dangerous to bees.

The disadvantages include frequent use and the fact that the drug is washed off by the rain. Another small disadvantage is that this insecticide acts only on adult insects and is powerless against larvae, because they do not feed. Because of this, you have to process often.

Instructions for use of the drug Fitoverm

Spraying should be carried out in the evening, because sunlight accelerates its decomposition. Follow the weather forecast so as not to process before the rain, otherwise the procedure will have to be repeated.

  • When found on your fruit and berry trees and shrubs caterpillars, ticks and other pests, trees must be treated from a sprayer with a preparation, dissolving it in water 1:10. This should be done at least 2 times a season. You can spray multiple times if necessary.
  • Vegetable crops and others, it is necessary to irrigate both the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves abundantly. It is necessary to dilute the preparation for spraying cucumbers and tomatoes twice as strong as for trees and bushes, that is, 200 grams of Fitoverma per liter of water.
  • Seedlings are processed in this way: before sowing, the soil is watered with Fitoverm, taking 200 grams of the drug for 5 liters of water. Before planting seedlings in the ground, you need to spray it concentration solution as for vegetables.
  • For indoor plants, the following concentration is needed: for half a liter of water 200 grams of the drug. In this case, you do not need to spray the flowers, but moisten the leaves with a soft cloth or washcloth, trying not to miss the slightest area of ​​the surface.

Processing indoor flowers

Nobody wants to introduce poison into the living space, but what to do if pests are in the flowers? Fitoverm will provide invaluable help here.


If pests are bred in the roots, Place the flower pot in heated water for twenty minutes, adult insects should emerge. They are collected, the plant is taken out of the pot and the roots are treated with phytoverm.


Violets are sprayed without touching the flowers, and put in a dark place until dry, otherwise the leaves will become spotty.

Spraying strawberries with Fitoverm

When growing remontant strawberries on a personal plot, the gardener will invariably encounter various insect pests. therefore it is necessary to carry out preventive spraying of strawberry bushes in a timely manner appropriate insecticides. Of these insecticides, Fitoverm is widely used.

The insecticide must be prepared in full accordance with the instructions immediately before use. Processing is carried out with a hand spray gun or mechanical spray guns.

It is necessary to carry out such spraying of strawberries with Fitoverm in early spring or during flowering in the morning and evening hours.


You need to prepare the solution in the following sequence: first dissolve the required dose in a small amount of water, mix well, and then add to the recommended volume.

The solution must be consumed immediately after preparation, the residues are poured into the soil for plants. In warm and hot weather, the application is more effective than in cold weather. Processing must be carried out at least four times.

Fitoverm does not become highly toxic even when the dose is exceeded. It can be used both outdoors and in greenhouses. Its use makes it possible not to change the soil in greenhouses, since it destroys the rootworm nematode, due to which the soil becomes infected and it has to be changed.

Since Fitoverm is a biological product, it cannot be mixed with chemicalsespecially if they are alkaline. But on the other hand, it is perfectly compatible with various biostimulants (Epin, Novosil, Tsitovit), growth accelerators and organic fertilizers. It is easy to check if the drugs are compatible by looking at is there a precipitate in the solution... If there is no sediment, everything is in order.

To improve the effectiveness of the impact it is recommended to add surfactants to the solution in the form of shampoos, liquid soap or gel, which will promote adhesion.

Safety engineering

Fitoverm is assigned the third degree of danger, that is, it is moderately dangerous. When processing, you should use protective equipment such as rubber gloves, goggles or mask.

Processing should not be combined with eating and smoking. At the end of the work, you must wash your face and wash your hands with soap and water.

If the drug accidentally comes into contact with the eyes or skin, you need to wash this place with soap, if a person accidentally swallowed the substance, you need to take activated charcoal with plenty of water, induce vomiting and seek medical help.

Storage of the drug

Fitoverm does not lose its properties even in frost, the permissible temperature for its storage is from -15 to + 30 degrees. Its shelf life is two years. Keep out of reach of children. Do not pour leftovers into a reservoir, but burn the released packaging.

The excellent qualities of Fitoverm made it a favorite of gardeners and gardeners, and the plants grown with its help cannot but thank them with a bountiful harvest or beautiful flowers.

Instructions for the use of Fitosporin for cucumbers and processing rules

Fitosporin is the main drug used in the treatment of cucumber diseases. The tool is also used in the prevention of pathologies of vegetable crops caused by fungal infection and other infections. Due to the special composition of Fitosporin for cucumbers, harmful substances do not accumulate in the fruits after using the drug. In addition, the product does not repel pollinating insects.

  • 1 In what cases is Fitosporin used for cucumber bushes?
  • 2 Benefits of application
  • 3 Compatibility with other drugs
  • 4 Release form and instructions for use of Fitosporin M
    • 4.1 Liquid solution
    • 4.2 Paste
    • 4.3 Powder
  • 5 How to dilute correctly?
  • 6 Calculation of the consumption rate
  • 7 Processing methods
  • 8 How to properly process cucumbers with Fitosporin?
    • 8.1 Soaking the seeds
    • 8.2 Disinfection of soil
    • 8.3 Treatment for diseases
  • 9 Prevention of infections
  • 10 Seasonality and frequency of processing
  • 11 Toxicity and work precautions
    • 11.1 When to eat cucumbers after processing
  • 12 Storage conditions
  • 13 Reviews of gardeners and farmers on the use of the product

Composition and properties of Fitoverm

It should be noted right away that broad-spectrum insecticides actually work well against many pests, but this is definitely not a panacea, since such drugs cannot cope with armored species. The reason is simple - the shell does not allow poisonous substances to penetrate deep into the depths, so the ticks calmly endure such treatment, continuing to conduct their harmful life activity.

In this case, it is necessary to use acaricides that can kill the tick from the inside. But what if the plants are affected not only by shells, but also by other types of insects? There is a way out and it lies in the use of complex means such as Fitoverma. Insectoacaricide, which has an enteric type of effect on pests, helps to get rid of the vast majority of them literally at one time.

As for the key properties of Fitoverm, the death of insects is carried out with the ingestion of the agent along with the plant sap and on the outer covers. So, first, the active substance affects the central nervous system of pests, and then provokes complete paralysis with subsequent death.

The action of Fitoverm can be observed after 6-8 hours in the greenhouse or 8-16 hours in the open field after the treatment. In addition, the drug has protective properties, the duration of action of which directly depends on weather conditions, with a favorable set of circumstances reaching a maximum of three weeks.

But the main advantage of an agent against plant pests is that it is not phytotoxic at all.

That is, processing can be carried out not only on the street, but also indoors, ridding crops grown on the windowsill from pests without any risk to plants and other inhabitants of the house.

Pros and cons of Fitoverma

Fitoverm is a remedy against pests of the fourth generation, the main advantage of which is the minimum harmful effect on the soil, flora and useful fauna of the site.

Among the advantages of the drug, you can also highlight:

  • High performance and a long list of pests to be destroyed.
  • Versatility. Applicable to all plants in the garden, vegetable garden and at home, does not inhibit their development.
  • The double mechanism of action is through the skin and intestines of insects.
  • The long term of plant protection - up to 20 days - allows you to do only 2-3 treatments per season.
  • Complete safety for plants.
  • Fast deactivation - it is safe to harvest the crop already 48 hours after treatment, it does not accumulate in either the fruit or the foliage.
  • Convenient packaging. You can choose the amount of the drug that is needed for your purposes.
  • Lack of addiction. The effectiveness of the pesticide does not decrease during 5-6 seasons of successive application.
  • Good compatibility with most drugs on the market.
  • It is especially effective in the heat, in contrast to the bulk of chemicals.

Despite all these advantages, Fitoverm does not solve all pest problems due to some disadvantages:

  1. Photo instability, that is, the drug instantly decomposes in the light.
  2. Fragility on leaves. The solution weakly adheres to plants and is quickly washed off by precipitation and dew. Therefore, it is recommended to add soap or store adhesives to the liquid.
  3. Selectivity in action. The larvae and eggs of pests do not take part in feeding, so some of them survive processing. Ticks also often hide in the veins of leaves, so that many individuals manage to avoid contact with the poison.
  4. High cost. Especially in comparison with similar drugs based on vigorous chemistry.
  5. Unpleasant (albeit mild) odor.
  6. Toxicity to bees and other pollinators.
  7. Cannot be applied to soil.
  8. The working solution is not stored for more than one day.



Previously, I used Fitoverm only for processing indoor flowers, for some reason I considered it ineffective for the garden. In the season before last, a spider mite attacked the cucumbers, the situation was neglected, I thought the bushes were already being thrown out. The husband insisted on treatment with Fitoverm, there was practically nothing to lose. The result was surprising, after 3 treatments the ticks were gone, and the cucumbers quickly recovered, but they couldn't do without abundant "restoring" organic fertilizing. Now I understand that the effect was so good because of the favorable, hot weather. What's not to like - Fitoverm is expensive and smells unpleasant.


I carry out preventive spraying regularly, I visit the country once a week, I do not want to lose the harvest. Fitoverm works for 3 weeks, but only under dry, warm weather, so it is not always possible to provide protection to cucumbers, and I do not accept chemistry. To combat aphids and thrips, I also use Fitoverm (in a greenhouse and exhaust gas), I appreciate the drug for its fast action, but you need to know the peculiarities of insect development and do not miss the moment when adults appear from eggs or larvae. After processing the cucumbers, the Colorado potato beetle disappeared from the aphids, apparently part of the solution got to the tops - a pleasant plus!

Storage conditions and precautions

According to the manufacturers, Fitoverm has a hazard class of 3, that is, moderately hazardous drugs. This means that it is necessary to work with it with the use of protective equipment - rubber gloves and a mask, glasses and wear tight clothing that covers the exposed parts of the body. The product is not phytotoxic, not toxic to animals.

It is necessary to dilute Fitoverm for processing on the same day, spend as much liquid as possible. Pour out the rest. Opening hours - evening or morning, on a quiet, calm, clear day. Air temperature - from 10 to 25 ° С. During work, eating is prohibited, smoking and drinking are prohibited.

Store the drug only in sealed original packaging at t from -20 ° C to 30 ° C. The place where the preparation lies should be dark and dry. Children and animals should not have access to it. Shelf life of Fitoverma is 2 years from the date of production.

The duration of the drug

The life of the chemical depends on the ambient temperature and humidity. On average, the period of validity is from five to fifteen days.

Efficiency is increased by a higher temperature, but excess moisture, on the contrary, sharply reduces the effectiveness of the drug. It is possible to process strawberries with Fitoverm in the spring, as well as until the onset of autumn.

But there are no perfect remedies. Like everything else, Fitoverm has its drawbacks.

  1. Short term of action, which increases the frequency of applications.
  2. Dependence of the effect of the agent on climatic conditions.
  3. Immunity of larvae to the action of the drug, Fitoverm affects only sexually mature individuals.

When to process strawberries with Fitoverm

  1. It is best to process in the evening.
  2. You need to choose a day without wind and rain.
  3. It is desirable that the ambient temperature is warm.
  4. After the first procedure, the second is carried out no earlier than ten to fourteen days. This is necessary to destroy new individuals that have hatched from the laid-off larvae.
  5. In total, you need to carry out up to four procedures, depending on the result.

Fitoverm: instructions for use for strawberries

There are many questions on the topic of how to dilute phytoverm for strawberries. To begin with, the product itself can be purchased in the form of a concentrate. According to the instructions, it must be diluted with water.

The volume of Fitoverm is different: from an ampoule of four milliliters to a five-liter canister.The most popular are volumes of fifty and one hundred milliliters.

Fitoverm is stored in the form of a concentrate for two years, but after dilution it must either be completely consumed or disposed of.

How to prepare the drug:

  1. Two milliliters of the chemical must be diluted with one liter of warm water. The calculation is based on the fact that one hundred milliliters of liquid is consumed per strawberry bush.
  2. Next, you need to know how many strawberries are planted in the garden area, and how much needs to be processed. Sometimes manufacturers create a concentrate with a different content of the main active ingredient. This should be carefully examined on the packaging. An excess of the drug can destroy the entire plant.
  3. Experienced gardeners recommend mixing Fitoverm with a solution of laundry soap. This will improve the retention of the chemical on the leaves of the plant. The soap solution is prepared at the rate of thirty grams of laundry soap per liter of water.

Attention! Preventive use of Fitoverm is excluded. Used only in cases of detection of insect pests.

Safety measures when processing strawberries with Fitoverm

Since Fitoverm is still a chemical, despite its low toxicity, individual precautions must be taken first of all.

  1. Spraying plants can only be done in special clothing. It should cover all parts of the body. In addition, the use of glasses, gloves and a respirator is required.
  2. It is forbidden to eat food and smoke cigarettes near the prepared chemical solution.
  3. The container in which the solution was located can only be used for re-diluting the product.
  4. If Fitoverm gets on the skin or mucous membranes, immediately rinse the affected area with warm running water.

In addition to Fitoverm, folk methods used as insect control have a good effect. For example, mustard. Mustard not only has an effect against insects, but also affects the quantity and quality of the crop for the better. It is sometimes planted between the beds.

Fitoverm from weevil on strawberries is good to combine with the use of mustard. This pest is considered one of the most common. It has a bad effect on the formation of ovaries, the number of berries is reduced by about 40%.

Fitoverm on whitefly strawberries produces a good effect.

Do not neglect the preventive treatment of plants with folk remedies, then you will not have to resort to the use of potent chemicals.

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