DIY Mushroom Art – Creating Garden Mushrooms

By: Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Love them or hate them, it is not uncommon to see mushrooms springing up in yards, flower beds, or even on the sides of trees. Though several species of mushroom are toxic, other types are prized for their culinary use. It is no surprise that many avid admirers of these fungi have started using the likeness of mushrooms in a wide variety of craft projects.

Exploring mushroom craft ideas is one way to determine whether or not these quirky art projects are the right fit for you.

Mushroom Craft Ideas

Before exploring DIY mushroom art, it is important to note that these projects do not actually use real mushrooms in any capacity. Due to the nature of the mushrooms themselves, this simply is not possible. That does not mean, however, that all inspiration is lost.

With minimal materials and a little creativity, gardeners can add quite a bit of fun and enchantment to even the most boring of growing spaces. Among the most popular of these projects is glass mushroom décor. In addition to adding a unique flair to the garden space, their construction could not be simpler.

How to Make Dishware Mushrooms

Dishware mushrooms for the purpose of garden décor are made from old, unwanted dishes. These items are most often found at yard sales and thrift shops. This DIY mushroom art project will require both vases and bowls. Once the materials have been gathered, the creation of these “garden mushrooms” will require only two steps.

To begin creating your own dishware mushrooms, place a tall vase on a table. Next, cover the lip of the vase with a generous amount of a glue specifically designed for use with glass or china. Gently place the bowl upside down on top of the vase, forming the mushroom shape. Allow the project to dry overnight or until the glue has set. It is possible to create these dishware mushrooms without glue, though it is not recommended.

Once the glass mushroom décor has set, it is ready to be moved. Decorative garden mushrooms can be used indoors or outdoors. Since it can be quite fragile, it will be important to situate the dishware mushrooms so that they are not knocked over or broken. Weekly cleaning will also be required to help keep mushroom décor looking its best after being exposed to the elements.

Never leave glassware outdoors under cold, freezing, or otherwise extreme conditions, as this may cause them to shatter.

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How to Transform an Old Jar Into a Mushroom Fairy House

My daughter is growing up fast, but her fascination with fairies hasn’t gone anywhere. Her room is still pink, sparkly, and filled with Tinkerbell. I guess I can’t complain—it makes shopping for her easy.

There are also a lot of really fun fairy crafts out there! I’ve made her quite a few fairy gifts, and we’ve done a lot of projects together too. We loved making these fairy houses from empty toilet paper rolls. This fairy lantern project was more challenging, but we had a blast working on it.

I just found the most exciting fairy art project yet, and it looks surprisingly easy!

Watch this video and you’ll see the amazing process as an ordinary glass jar is magically transformed into a mushroom fairy house!

There is a full set of instructions here. Here is a short version of the steps:

1. Gather your materials: tinfoil, an empty jar, a hot glue gun, and some white air-dry clay. You will also need some watercolors (or any other type of paint that you like to use).

2. Shape a mushroom cap out of tinfoil to fit on top of the glass jar. Hot glue it to the top.

3. Apply the air-dry clay to the sides and the top. This is the step where your artistry and imagination come into play. You will need to shape any doors or windows and add in the textures you want. Watching the video is really helpful for understanding this step. Wait for the clay to dry before you proceed to the next step.

4. Paint the fairy house!

This is another step where you can turn to the video for inspiration. Make sure you apply a coat of varnish to seal in the paint when you’re done.

This is a fun, easy project you can customize to your heart’s content. The finished fairy houses couldn’t be more adorable!

Soft light illuminating the garden pathway – it’s functional and enchanting. There are all types of lamps available on the market – with different shapes, sizes and with different power sources but only you can own this unique watering can lamp. You can use it as candle hurricane, as well.

Materials: watering can without a handle, colored glass, copper edging tape, solder, soldering acid, light bulb 40 W, power cord, aluminum strip, rivets

Instruments: metal shears, electric drill, soldering iron, awl, drill bits for metal, needle file, glass cutter, riveter

1. Clean the watering can from dirt. Using a cutter cut out small windows. Smooth the sharp edges of the openings with needle files removing irregularities and making them safe for comfortable handling.

2. Take pieces of colored glass or cut from a large sheet using a glass cutter. Work carefully and mind the sharp edges.

3. Tape the edges of the glass pieces and line the window openings on the watering can with copper tape. Solder the glass pieces together and to the watering can walls. Given its curved body, they will have be placed at an angle.

4. Drill hole for the electrical part of the lamp. Make new handle out of aluminium strip, drill suitable holes on the body and secure with rivets. You can skip this step, if you prefer to use just a group of pillar candles.

DIY garden decor ideas – wooden fence hanger

If after reconstruction or renovation of the house you have some remained wooden slats, do not rush to throw them away or burn. With these you can make a simple and convenient hanger for all kinds of little things that should always be at hand for every gardener – gloves, keys, bags of seeds, garden tools and others.

Materials: wooden slats (2 pcs. 2cm x 40 cm, 5 pcs. 5 cm x 17 cm), hot glue gun, 10 finishing nails (1.2 x 20 mm), 4 wooden clothespins, small tin can, 1 screw for wood, acrylic paint in white, yellow, blue, orange and green.

Instruments: sandpaper, a hammer, a ruler, a screwdriver, a pencil, a fretsaw

First, you have to create a small picket fence. You need 5 wide slats with a length of 17 cm and 2 narrow slats – 2 cm wide and 40 cm long. Cut the pickets by using a template to ensure a consistent look. Clean all irregularities using a sandpaper. Paint all parts of the fence with white paint and for a clothespins use bright colors. Attach short to long slats at equal distances using nails to assemble the picket fence. Glue one clothespin on each picket. With a screwdriver make a small hole measuring about 0.5 mm. Attach the tin can to one of the pickets using a self-tapping screw.

DIY garden decor ideas – red mushroom wooden stool

What better way to decorate your garden than making some cute stools shaped like little mushrooms with white spots.

Materials: wooden bowls with flat bottom, wooden stump, red exterior paint, white tape

1. Clean thoroughly the bowls, paint them red and let them dry.
2. Cut circles from the white tape and glue them on the bowl. You can also use a different technique: paint the bowl white, glue the tape circles, apply red paint and peel off the tape to reveal the white surface underneath.
3. Drill a hole in the middle of the bowl.
4. Place the bowl on a wooden stump facing down and fasten it with self-tapping screw.

DIY garden decor ideas – PET bottle butterfly

Materials: a plastic bottle, black marker, acrylic paint in red, orange and yellow, 2 mm wire, a paint brush, scissors

Use only the central part of the plastic bottle. Cut out a rectangular section of the cylinder – 9 cm x 12 cm. Fold it in half and cut a figure in the shape of half a butterfly so that once expanded you will become a symmetrical butterfly. Draw very thin lines using a permanent marker to represent the spectacular patterns of the butterfly’s wings.

Paint different parts of the wings with acrylic paint in different colors. Allow to dry. Cut a piece of wire and fold in half. Use the one end to form the antennae and the other one will be the part that will be stuck into the pot soil.

DIY garden decor ideas – glass jars lanterns

Wonderful mini chandeliers for your garden. By recycling these glass jars you can turn them into gorgeous decorations for your garden.

Materials: small glass jars, colored chalk, tealights, universal glue, thin wire, items for decoration such as beads and adhesive gem embellishments.

Take the old grater and begin to scrape the colored chalk until it becomes powder. Clean the jars with a cloth and fill each with a different color from the grated chalk powder. Decorate with universal glue and decorative items. Finally, use a thin wire for decoration, as shown in the image. Place the tealights in the jars.

DIY garden decor ideas – garden stepping stones shaped like buttons

Concrete is the perfect material for DIY outdoor projects – it’s easy to handle and extreme sturdy. Therefore we’re going to show you several interesting ideas. The first one is presented from Mark Montano and in addition to the photo tutorial there is a video with instructions, as well.

Materials: waterproof varnish, quick-drying cement, non-stick cooking spray, large plastic lids of various sizes, 4 plastic caps, a craft knife, a paintbrush and paint.

1. A round plastic plate is used for the button mold. Four plastic caps will serve as the holes of the button. Score the inside of the caps using a craft knife, fill them to the rim with hot glue and glue in place on the plate.

2. After the glue has dried, spray with cooking spray to remove easier the buttons from the mold afterwards.

3. Prepare the cement mixture following the instructions on the packaging, fill the mold and let it harden for 20 minutes.

4. Remove the cement button from the mold and paint in the desired color. After the paint has dried, varnish all buttons.

Using the same method with molds and concrete try the other DIY conrete projects, as well!

Small concrete garden pond

Cute concrete bags

Idea for sea-inspired garden decor

3. Inexpensive DIY Window Flower Boxes

Window boxes add charm to any window. They are vibrant and give off a welcoming vibe. These DIY window boxes are super affordable and very easy to make. They can be painted any color to match your personal style. Add some flowers and you will have the best-looking windows on the block.

DIY Solar Mushroom

Okay everyone if you love to be outside and you love decorating your yard then this is going to be a must for you! I love decorating my yard and I love having lights everywhere. There are so many ways to add lights into your yard and garden and I think this DIY may be one of my favorite ways to add light to my yard!

I find myself in thrift stores all the time and I’m always picking up glass bowls and vases when I see them. Since I’ve gathered so many glass bowl and vases over time I knew I wanted to create something using solar lights and all of my glass vases and bowls. So that is what we are going to do!

The supplies you will need for this are:

We will be making glass solar mushrooms which are so easy to make and you’re going to love them! The first thing is to decide where you’re going to be putting them in your yard. They look even more amazing if you add a group of them all together.

Once you find out where you’re going to put them in your yard you will need insert your solar light into the ground. I am using solar lights that I purchased from The Dollar Tree. You will start by inserting the pole of the solar light into the ground.

You will want your light to be low and flush to the ground. This is going to allow the base of your mushroom to fully light up.

Next, you will place your vase over the solar light. You will do this by placing the open end of your vase over the solar light.

Be sure that your vase is secure in the ground and level. Now you will place a good amount of the E6000 glue to the top of your vase.

The E6000 glue is what is going to secure the glass bowl to the vase. You will now place the glass bowl onto the vase.

You want to place the opening of the bowl onto the vase which is going to form the top of your mushroom.

You can make these mushrooms in a variety of sizes. I like using a variety of differnt size vases and bowls to form a cluster of glass mushrooms.

These are pretty in the day but amazing at night! Once the sun goes down you will have a cluster of the most beautiful glowing mushrooms!

These are so easy to make and are an amazing decoration to add to your yard. I hope you all enjoy this DIY and give it a try!

And if you have been keeping up with my projects lately.. this is one more 'barn find' (I got 4 pieces in all, one is not yet complete.. oh who am I kidding , it's not even started LOL). Any who. Meet BOB. as in boring ole buffet. Bob was not quite as bad as Lola (Disheveled to Devine project), but he was still a disaster. Bob had gone through at least 3 color transformations: grey/white, orange (bright orange!) and teal. At some point during these transformations, they also decided that it would be a good idea to cut off the bottoms of his legs (poor Bob!). Then Bob got placed in the big ole barn, and left… in the dark corner… until I saw him. He was BIG, and heavy, and my husband complained (made up at least 3 excuses of why I should not take him home. ).. and on the trailer he went (love when I win! ha!). Pay close attention on this one because there is A LOT involved in his transformation and I don't have a lot of room on HT to put it all in , so I will condense a bit. So, here we go.

Watch the video: Making DIY Mushroom Cement for Garden - simple and easy way!

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