Chicory: language of flowers and plants



Cichorium intybus




There are various legends connected to chicory.

An ancient Romanian legend tells that one day the sun asked Donna Floridor to marry him. The girl then refused the sun, angrily, transformed her into the chicory flower, condemning her to look at it (the sun) every moment of her day from when it appeared in the sky to when it disappeared in the evening. This is to explain that the flowers of the chicory they are heliotropes, that is to say, in this case, which open at dawn and close at sunset. This fact observed by the German botanist Conrad iMegenberg caused him to call this plant sponsa solis that is to say "bride of the sun".

It is tradition that those who want to make their qualities known to the person they love must wear chicory.

Another beautiful Bavarian legend tells the following story about chicory: a princess was abandoned by her husband because he was seduced by a nymph. After days of pain, the princess asks to die and never see her beloved again. His bridesmaids also made a prayer, however, to always be seen by the prince. So the good Lord answered their prayers: he transformed the princess into a beautiful white flower while the bridesmaids into blue flowers that grew everywhere along the streets where the prince passed. For this reason in the German language chicory is also called wegwarte "Guardian of the streets" or wegeleuchte "Street light".

In nineteenth-century language, chicory flowers inspired frugality and temperance.

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