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Ribbon Grass Information: Tips For Growing Ornamental Ribbon Grass

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Ribbon grass plants are easy to manage varieties that provide color transition and graceful foliage. Care of ribbon grass couldn't be easier and well worth a little maintenance to keep it in check. Read more here.

Controlling Slugs Using Salt

Home gardeners try all sorts of unusual remedies to rid their gardens of slugs. But this salt method often works the best.

Mix Solution

Mix a strong solution of salt and water in a spray bottle. You don't have to be precise about measuring the salt, as long as it's still discernible in the water.


Put on your gardening gloves, and spray the slugs at nightfall. The salt solution will dehydrate the slugs within hours.

Wash Residual Salt Spray

Come morning, wash any residual salt spray from your plants to prevent damage.

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