Instructions for processing potatoes with Tuberculosis

Potatoes are considered to be the main vegetable grown in vegetable gardens. Thanks to this product, you can prepare a huge number of dishes. Therefore, to get a good harvest, potatoes require appropriate care rules. It is very important in this matter to keep it from all kinds of diseases, and of course, from pests. One of the most effective ways of protection will be the use of a drug called Tuberculosis. Processing is carried out according to the instructions.

Description of the tool Kubneshit

The most common pest for potatoes is Colorado beetle... Its harm lies in the fact that hitting this vegetable at an early stage reduces the yield by more than half.

In addition, another dangerous pest is considered wireworm... It already infects the tubers themselves, which leads to loss of yield by 90%.

To avoid this, the planting material is treated with special preparations.

Today there is a huge amount of means for combating potato diseases, as well as pests. Tuberculosis is considered a very good drug, which allows you to almost completely eliminate pests and protect against disease.

The main advantages of this remedy are that:

  • To be used in any climatic zone, as well as on any kind of soil;
  • In addition, it makes it possible to rid growing potatoes of the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae approximately for 2 months... It is during this period that the formation of a bush and tubers occurs;
  • By virtue of its effectiveness, its use will reduce the financial costs of purchasing many other drugs, as well as save time.

Instructions for use and processing

Tuberculosis is sold in bottles 25 and 60 ml... Basically, this amount allows you to process about 60 tubers, approximately 2 hundred parts of planted potatoes will turn out. Before planting, it is necessary to process the planting material with a solution that is prepared according to the instructions.

How to properly breed the protoxicant Tuberculosis:

The rate of application of the productProcessed cropPestsProcessing method
25 ml (bottle) for 0.25-0.30 liters of waterPotatoes - 25-30 kgColorado potato beetle, aphid, common scab, wireworm, rhizoctoniaYou need to process before planting. The liquid consumption is 100 ml per 10 kg of potatoes

To prepare the planting material, you must first put the potatoes on a plastic wrap and process the tubers with a spray bottle or sprayer.

Planting already prepared potatoes must be carried out immediately.

In addition, this method makes it possible to exclude the likelihood of getting the drug on nearby cultivated plants. This is due to the fact that when it gets on edible vegetables and fruits, they you will not be able to eat for 3 months... Since such a period for the disintegration of the components of this drug. The same goes for young potatoes.

A brief description of

Tuberculosis is dressing agent for potatoes. It contains KS imidacloprid - 140 g / l, as well as pencycuron - 150 g / l.

Its main property is that it does not affect potatoes, but still it is recommended to consume the vegetable after three months after processing.

Release form

This drug is sold in 25 ml and 60 ml bottles. The amount of the drug to be processed will accordingly be from 25 to 60 kilograms of potatoes... Since it must be diluted in the ratio of the amount of contents in a bottle for the same amount of water, there are also ampoules in 10 ml sachets.


When using the drug, it is worth observing safety measures, since the dressing agent contains poisonous substances.

Therefore, during work you can not drink, eat and even smoke... If it happened that the drug was inadvertently used, then you need:

  • On contact with the body, be sure to rinse with running water and wash the skin with soap. After that, rinse your hands well again;
  • In case of inhalation, the victim must be taken aside to fresh air;
  • As a result of contact with the eyes, it is necessary to rinse in a quick manner, preferably using a stream of water;
  • But, if the drug gets into the mouth, you need it well rinse and drink activated charcoal with the calculation of 1 g per 1 kg of body weight and wash down with water, preferably warm. Next, try to induce a gag reflex.

When first aid is provided, it is still worth going for a consultation with a doctor. Due to the fact that there is no antidote to the remedy.


Due to its composition, Tuberculosis has a period of action 60 days from the date of processing planting material and planting it in the garden.

Due to the fact that the growth period of potatoes is 80 days, it can be said with confidence that this drug protects potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle all season.

Processed potatoes before planting makes it possible to reduce the likelihood of disease in a garden product. And also new tubers are protected from such pests as wireworms, which will save the potatoes after harvesting.



Tuberculosis acquired this year, for the first time. Before that I used other drugs, but they did not help much. Tuberculosis actually helped to get rid of the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle, and the wireworm is practically invisible. A good remedy for all kinds of insects.


I have been using this drug for two years already. The result is really great. There were only a few Colorado beetles, they probably came for exploration, but then disappeared.


Tuberculosis is an excellent remedy relative to Colorado beetles, but as for the wireworm, it has not gone anywhere. As a result, there are a lot of spoiled potatoes, which is very disappointing.

Tuberculosis is considered one of the most effective preparations for the fight against garden pests, as well as fungal diseases. Thanks to processing, potatoes can be stored for a long time without fear of the occurrence of various diseases.

Preparation Prestige for potatoes: description, composition

Prestige belongs to the insecticidal and fungicidal group of drugs. It was released by the well-known company Bayer Crop-Science, located in Germany. The action of the remedy is aimed at preventing the development of various types of fungi, as well as preventing the appearance of pests in the garden.

The Prestige includes the following components:

  • imidacloprid - 140 g / l
  • pencycuron - 150 g / l.


Disputes about the dangers and benefits of the Prestige potato dressing do not subside. Only the effectiveness of the drug remains undeniable. On the forums dedicated to the cultivation of vegetable crops, gardeners leave diametrically opposite reviews.

Vadim, Sarov: «I have been using the product for three years in a row and have not noticed any negative consequences for health and the environment. I studied in detail the mechanism of action of active substances and the method of using the drug, communicated with agronomists, who convinced me of the absolute safety of the product. There is an apiary next to the garden, the bees are alive and well. I process the potatoes just before planting, leave them in the sun to dry completely, and then lay them in the ground. The bushes do not get sick, they grow strong and healthy. "

Igor, Vologda: “I don’t think Prestige is a panacea for all potato ailments, but it significantly reduces the risk of fungal infection, attacks by the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm. I'd rather get a harvest commensurate with the labor costs than undermined by larvae and beetles. All these herbal talkers and infusions do not bring the desired result, especially when the plantings occupy not 2 ares, but much more. "

Varya, Mozhaisk: “I constantly hear rave reviews about Prestige, but I'm afraid to try it myself. Recently, an article came across in which information was submitted about the ban of imidacloprid in the EU countries due to the extinction of bees. I am wary of any chemicals, I try not to use them for spraying vegetables, because then we eat all this. And somehow it is hard to believe in the information from the manufacturer about the rapid disintegration of active substances. I am for environmentally friendly products. "

Application features and dosage

There are two ways to use lapis lazuli:

  • once a year, after planting a potato, but before it rises, the site is sprayed with a herbicide solution: for 1 hundred square meters - 10 g of the drug is dissolved in 3 liters of water
  • double processing. The first time - 2-3 days before the potatoes rise, dosage per 1 hundred square meters: 5-10 g per 3 liters of water. The second time - after the emergence of potato sprouts, but before they reach a height of 5 cm, dosage per 1 hundred square meters: 3-5 g per 3 liters of water.

The product is sprayed in the morning or evening, in calm weather. The solution is prepared immediately before use, it cannot be stored. The effect of using the herbicide will increase if the soil is loosened and moistened a little beforehand. Weeds usually die within a week. But if it rains, the effect of the drug weakens, and the death of weeds takes 10-14 days.

On heavy, clayey soils, the concentration of the solution should be higher than on sandy loam. If the soil contains less than 1% humus, then it will not be able to absorb the herbicide, and it will not work at all.

Restrictions on the use of the drug:

  • it is allowed to work manually on the site no earlier than 3 days, and better - a week after spraying with "Lazurit"
  • the preparation is not intended for the destruction of weeds in greenhouses
  • the herbicide is designed to kill weeds that have not yet emerged or have recently emerged. It is pointless to use it against grass above 10-15 cm or on virgin soil, stronger means are required
  • the drug does not damage potato sprouts only until they rise above 5 cm.When the shoots are stretched out, their immunity to metribuzin decreases, when spraying they can get sick or die
  • post-emergence treatment with "Lazurit" is allowed only if the potato sprouts are absolutely healthy. Frozen or drought-affected shoots will not tolerate spraying
  • some potato varieties are sensitive to metribuzin, it is necessary to reduce the rate or not spray them with herbicide at all
  • "Lapis lazuli" belongs to the III class of danger for people and bees. This means that it should not be sprayed near water bodies or closer than 2-3 km from the hives. Limiting the flight of bees after spraying - 6-9 hours.

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