Question: Calzolaria

Is there a flower called calzolaria? Thank you

Calceolaria: Answer: calzolaria

Dear Antonio, welcome to the section of our website dedicated to readers' questions. Most likely, the term calzolaria refers to calceolaria, a genus of plants native to North America that includes several species grown in our country as ornamental plants. Calceolaria typically takes on a bushy appearance and is filled with flowers that it maintains and renews practically throughout the year. The flowers can be of different colors and can have very particular punctuation or variegations.

Calceolaria should be planted in areas of the house exposed to the sun all day or for half a day and in winter it is advisable to bring this plant indoors in bright areas of the house as they suffer from low temperatures below 10 ° C. The soil must be rich in organic substance and soft but with good water drainage, in order to avoid water stagnation.

As for fertilization and watering, the calceolaria needs regular watering in the hottest months and constant fertilization every 15-20 days (fertilizer for flowering plants).

  • Calceolaria

    Calceolaria is a small herbaceous plant, with very beautiful and particular flowers. It belongs to the genus "Calceolaria", which includes about 400 species, including annual, perennial and shrub plants, and to the ...

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