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The design relating to a Zen garden must be carried out in a careful and scrupulous way and above all it must be documented in relation to the meaning of each element placed within the garden. Being a rather particular garden, it is necessary to be aware that this space can have a real meaning only if you actually know the Zen philosophy that consecrates it as a suitable place for meditation. In the western world, for some time now, the Zen garden seems to have begun to fascinate and this has made it possible for many people to approach this philosophy. Particular emphasis is placed on the design phase because at this specific moment the various areas of the garden are defined: how they should be used and what furnishing accessories to buy will be. The main problem is mainly related to the personal ability to be able to create this garden. To get an idea, it is not enough to have leafed through magazines or been fascinated by the beauty of these gardens in some distant country visited, but it is necessary to know in depth what the Zen garden represents. To have a good result, those who are still in a superficial phase of knowledge of Zen philosophy should contact a person specialized in this sector directly. The first evaluation to make is certainly to be actually aware and fascinated by this particular garden otherwise after a short time you will get tired and you will want to replace this space with other elements. The Zen garden has the characteristic of being a rather simple and essential garden, it does not require careful and particular maintenance as the Italian garden could be, but if it is a momentary desire in the long run it could be a garden that is boring. Those who actually feel involved in Zen philosophy will find this garden the best place to relax and reflect. When you turn to a company for the construction of a Zen garden, the first phase concerns an inspection to verify the space that must be used to create this garden. Decisions will naturally be made in agreement with the customer but reasonably, in a rather small space, you will have to try to balance the various elements well, trying to insert above all accessories that are considered indispensable. Choosing a fountain is certainly fundamental, because water is an important element in the Zen garden. The fountain will have to be chosen in proportion to the space, considering that today it is possible to find different models on the market.


During the construction phase of the Zen garden, it is important to have already chosen all the elements to be inserted. In this way, the lead times will follow the established procedure. When you rely on a professional, he will himself indicate the necessary time to the customer, if instead you decide to make it yourself, it depends on how much time you dedicate to him. Although at first glance the Zen garden may seem rather sparse, it becomes essential to know how to manage and place the different elements in the space. Each element expresses a particular meaning, it is located in a specific corner of the garden precisely because it must be placed there, according to Zen philosophy. You cannot think of creating a Zen garden just because you were struck by the diversity by comparing it to an Italian garden, but you need to be deeply interested in the meaning that this garden is able to convey.

Who to contact

Those who are aware of not being able to create a Zen garden despite being quite close to the Zen philosophy, can turn to people who carry out this work professionally. There are gardeners able to satisfy any request and to create a Zen garden even from rather small corners. In this way the customer has the certainty of being able to obtain a good result. For the maintenance of the Zen garden, since it is only the care of plants, if you are particularly inclined to gardening, you can prune yourself otherwise the care of the garden can be entrusted to a gardener who will periodically have the task of arranging the garden. The need to have a person who can take care of their garden can also be dictated by the absence of the landlord for long periods to prevent the plants from being affected by the lack of care and attention. For this reason it is always preferable that there is a contact person who can take care of the garden.

Zen garden design: garden design: Zen garden design

Do you think it is necessary to start looking for more information on a topic as important as the design of Zen gardens? Then you are in the right place, considering that on this page we are providing you with all the notions to be always and in any case updated, thus making decisions in absolute awareness.

Going more specifically, we are convinced that the best possible approach in this field is the perfect balance of factors such as the extreme essentiality that distinguishes an element that is part of the Zen garden furniture, without, however, ever forgetting a certain complexity, which has always involved Zen philosophy. In short, balancing forces is the best initial step.

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