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Polycarbonate greenhouses, production, sale, delivery, installation

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Large selection of greenhouses and accessories for them, foundations, greenhouses, galvanized beds
Storage, delivery, installation

We offer:

Greenhouse "Ogorodnitsa"
Galvanized profile 20 x 20 mm
Width 2 m
Height 2.0 m
Length 2 m, 4 m, 6 m and more.
Pipe wall thickness 1.0-1.2 mm

Greenhouse "Reinforced"
Galvanized profile 25 x 25 mm
Width 3 m or 2.5 m
Height 2.05 m
Length 4 m, 6 m, 8 m and more.
Pipe wall thickness 1.0-1.2 mm

Greenhouse 'Capital'
Galvanized profile 30 x 30 mm
Width 3 m
Height 2.05 m
Length 4 m, 6 m, 8 m and more.
Pipe wall thickness 1.2-1.5 mm

Greenhouse "Drop"
Galvanized profile 25 x 25 mm
Width 2.65 m
Height 2.3 m
Length 4 m, 6 m, 8 m and more.
Pipe wall thickness 1.0-1.2 mm

Greenhouse "Butterfly"
Galvanized profile 20 x 20 mm
Width 1.05 m
Height 0.9 m
Length 2 m, 4 m, 6 m and more.
Pipe wall thickness 1.0-1.2 mm

Galvanized beds
Galvanized sheets 20 x 200 cm
Width 0.5-1.2 m
Height 0.20 m
Length 2 m or more.
Wall thickness 0.5 mm

Free storage of greenhouses in a warehouse

You can purchase a greenhouse with the possibility of free storage in our warehouse until autumn or spring by concluding a storage agreement

Delivery of greenhouses

We will help you with the delivery of the greenhouse by our own transport at a preferential price. Well, if you decide to transport the purchased greenhouse yourself, we will of course help you load it.

Assembly and installation of greenhouses

Of course, you can assemble and install the greenhouse yourself, but you can order the assembly and installation from professionals from our company.

Our specialists will come to your dacha, assemble the frame and fix the polycarbonate, assemble the foundation, fix it with lugs, install and fix the greenhouse on it, or perform part

Foundations for greenhouses

We strongly recommend placing the greenhouse on a foundation!
The foundation has many advantages.
- provides the rigidity of the base;
- protects the greenhouse soil from erosion by rain streams;
- increases the overall height and volume of the greenhouse;
- provides resistance to wind and snow loads.
In our company you can purchase a ready-made foundation.

As a foundation, you can use an environmentally friendly material - a wooden beam

Greenhouse ventilation machine

The machine is used to automatically open / close doors, vents and transoms in household, farm and industrial greenhouses and greenhouses.
The machine takes into account the needs of traditionally grown crops - tomatoes and cucumbers, is sensitive to temperature changes and allows you to work under adverse weather conditions
It is very robust, easy to install and reliable with a service life of up to 10 years.
The new gel formulation in the cylinder of the thermal actuator provides a high response speed when the temperature changes.
The automatic machine allows you to forcibly open the doors at a temperature of + 5 C and above.

Partition in a greenhouse with a door and a window

Full-fledged partition with a door and a window inside the greenhouse

Greenhouse accessories, galvanized beds

Gates - sale and installation in St. Petersburg

Construction and production company "GUD SPB" (OOO "GUD FENS") is engaged in the production and sale of components for metal fences, as well as installation of all types of fences.

Production, sale and installation of windows. Own production. Production time 2-4 days for standard sizes. Warranty 25 years for products, 5 years for installation. Departure to any area of ​​the city and suburbs, as well as in the Leningrad region. Departure of the measurer is free.

Manufacturers and suppliers of gates - garage, sliding, industrial, swing gates in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. We provide installation services, maintenance (warranty and post-warranty) and repair. The customer service works seven days a week.

We cooperate with the leaders of the gate market. Samples and office in one place, with convenient access. We work without lunch and days off. Our production is able to fulfill individual orders in a short time. The experience of managers and craftsmen in the gate market is over 7 years.

Professional supplier of building materials for individuals and legal entities. We have been working since 1998 We complete urban and suburban objects. We cooperate with reliable Russian and European factories. Departure of a professional consultant free of charge.

We sell and install automatics for doors and gates, barriers, accessories, parking systems, turnstiles, etc. We work directly with the manufacturer. Product warranty 3 years. Free delivery to the shopping mall. 2 warehouses in St. Petersburg.

Casting from cast iron, brass, bronze, aluminum for houses, cottages, homesteads, parks. Restoration of the old and destroyed. Delivery by transport companies. Prepayment. Cash and non-cash payments. Free measurement. Installation, assembly, painting of products.

Production of metal tiles, corrugated boarding, roofing accessories, sandwich panels, drainage systems, as well as longitudinal and transverse cutting of sheet steel. Free accurate calculation. The technology complies with GOST and TU. Delivery to anywhere in the Russian Federation.

Production of metal and decorative forged products, powder painting of products, sandblasting of metal with the departure of a team with equipment to the object. Free measurement. Ordering a product according to your own sketches. Discounts for regular customers.

Sale of forged products Metallodekor own production. Manufacturing according to your sketches is possible. Prepayment. We work in the shortest reasonable time. Delivery and installation of products. Painting with German WS-Plast paints. Warranty 18 months.

Manufacture of metal doors of all sizes. High-strength metal, full compliance with GOST requirements. Production time - 2-5 days. 3-year warranty. Free shipping across St. Petersburg. Delivery across LO by agreement. We carry out installation and dismantling.

automatic gates, shutters, roller shutters

Trade and construction company. We sell: metal doors, windows, gates, fences, barriers, shutters, grilles, awnings, canopies, greenhouses, gazebos, stairs, forged products. We will help to make your country house, garden and vegetable garden beautiful.

Production and sale of high quality concrete. Delivery by a mixer in the shortest possible time from our own fleet in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Rent of special equipment. Sale of finished paving slabs. All products are rigorously tested in the laboratory.

Sale of roofing, facade and thermal insulation materials. Free measurement and calculation of material, flexible payment terms, delivery across St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, discounts on the volume of the order, installation is possible. Product warranty.

Production and sale of greenhouses, greenhouses, fences, polycarbonate and additional equipment for them. 1 year warranty. Free delivery up to 100 km from the ring road. Free storage in our warehouse. We work daily from 09: 00-18: 00. Cash.

Complex supplies of a wide range of building materials in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. We supply construction companies of various segments, from small construction teams to large developers. Own storage facilities allow you to quickly pick your order!

Official dealer of leading manufacturers of roofing, facade, waterproofing and heat-insulating materials, as well as drainage systems and roof safety elements, produced in the Russian Federation and Europe. Delivery, installation. Affordable prices, guarantees!

Screw pile production, installation of pile foundations. Gates, fences. 7-year warranty for installation work. Free design of the sketch. The term of production of products is from 1 day. Delivery across St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. The products are certified.

Own production and sale of roofing and facade materials, fence materials. Delivery across Russia. Guarantee. Cash, non-cash payment (possibility of installments and credit). Capital construction. Repair, restoration and reconstruction of buildings

Production, sale, installation and maintenance of gates and roller shutter systems. Consultation, measurements at the facility, professional experienced installers, exact terms of order execution. Optimal price / quality ratio, we provide discounts.

Factory for the production of galvanized greenhouses and greenhouses, as well as metal products: canopies, awnings, gazebos, awnings, lawn fences, fences for private houses. Delivery and installation in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region

Production, installation, service. Roller shutters, roller shutters, garage overhead sectional doors

The company "ALUMRAZVITIE" carries out production, sale, as well as installation, delivery and service of sun-protection, roller shutter and gate systems. We are distinguished by the pursuit of excellence!

Sale and installation of all types of gates

Manufacturing and manufacturing of metal structures since 2011, such as awnings, canopies, fences and barriers, greenhouses. Delivery across St. Petersburg and Leningrad region by our own fleet, including installation. 5-year guarantee for greenhouse frames, 0% installment plan.

Interior and entrance (burglar-proof) doors, fire doors, gates, gate automation systems. High-quality installation, dismantling of the old door. Low prices, variety of choice. Delivery and installation as soon as possible.

The website is NOT an online store of our company! To place an order, please contact the consultant by contact phone numbers.

Euro Master offers garage and industrial doors, as well as all elements of reloading systems, doors and automation from leading manufacturers Hormann and DoorHan. Free measurement in St. Petersburg. Gate installation and service.

For you, we carry out the manufacture, delivery and installation of hardware. Tight deadlines, low cost and decent quality are the distinctive features of our products, starting with a fireplace grate and ending with a fence of any degree of complexity.

Manufacture, installation and sale of wholesale and retail metal fences and barriers, metal picket fence and temporary barriers, installation. High quality raw materials. 10 year warranty! Service life is 50 years. Affordable price. Full range of services

Production and sale of rolled metal, building materials, metal structures for construction and industry. Delivery to all regions of Russia.

Kits for sliding and swing gates

Building materials for exterior decoration of country houses: terraces, roofing, facade materials, garden buildings, greenhouses, etc. A full range of services for the installation of roofing and facade materials, computerized calculation of metal tiles - free of charge.

We carry out the whole range of works - from site survey and design work to material delivery and professional installation at the site. We will select a fence for you, taking into account your wishes, budget, as well as the properties of the relief and landscape.

Manufacturer and supplier of roofing materials, facade materials, insulation for roofs and facades, hydro and vapor barrier materials.

LLC 4th BASTION, St. Petersburg, manufactures and sells concrete fences, fence blocks for the installation of decorative fences. Construction of decorative fences.

Our company manufactures, installs and repairs doors, canopies, gates (automatic) swing, sliding, garage, fences, fences, railings, awnings. We present a guarantee for all products.

Our company is engaged in the supply and installation of equipment of the German Concern Hormann. We have been working since 2014. Our specialization: Hormann doors (entrance, interior, garage, technical, fire protection), garage sectional doors, automation.

Our masters go to any point in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. At the conclusion of the contract, on the day of the call of the master - DEPARTURE OF THE MEASURER IS FREE

Sale and installation of gates, gates, barriers, roller shutters, forged products, automation. Free delivery within the city. Free departure of the measurer. Up to 5 years warranty. Warranty service. Production time from 1 to 4 weeks.

Greenhouses, hotbeds in Zhitomir

Trading House "Torrens" offers wholesale supplies of cellular and monolithic polycarbonate, acrylic plastic, a wide selection of forged items from a warehouse in Zhitomir. Delivery in the city and Ukraine.

Our store offers a wide assortment and always in stock: seeds, garden tools, fertilizers, peat mixtures, as well as plant protection products.

The company "Radonit" is a manufacturer of mosquito nets, ebbs and one of the largest distributors of TM "Danke", "Sunny", "OpenTeck", "Standard", "Hercul", "Alutech", "Solid Plast" on the market of Western Ukraine. We have built a reputation as a reliable supplier of window accessories and roofing materials. We carry out cutting of window sills, production of mosquito nets and ebbs to order.

Today more and more people are thinking about what foods are used for food. For many, guaranteed environmentally friendly vegetable crops can only be obtained by growing them on their own. Any gardener dreams of growing early vegetable crops on his site - greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, berries or seedlings. The reason for this may be the desire to use only high-quality products or the creation and development of a business. But many are afraid of the main enemy - spring frosts. In this case, you should do it yourself or buy a greenhouse or greenhouse. They are designed not only to preserve plants in the open field from freezing, but also to obtain an excellent early harvest of vegetables and herbs.

To date, greenhouses and greenhouses are not difficult to buy, because the market offers options that are diverse in price, size, shape, and characteristics. For the right choice, it is important to first decide which greenhouse crops will be grown. It is worth remembering that some types of plants can be grown together. With intensive use of the greenhouse, when plants change each other from early spring, it is necessary to "feed" the soil with organic and mineral fertilizers.

For novice gardeners, the question arises - what kind of stationary or collapsible greenhouse is needed. In the first case, there is less fuss with its installation, it needs installation only once. Dismountable should be installed and disassembled at the end of each season. For any type of greenhouse, there are general requirements - reliability, durability, practicality and ease of use. It is worth creating the optimal parameters of the greenhouse. Inside it should be warm, humid, there should be no wind and drafts, specially prepare the ground.

Greenhouses and greenhouses made of polycarbonate are characterized by durability and frost resistance. In addition, they are excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation and have different shapes and sizes, have a modern, beautiful appearance. Even for the smallest plot, it is possible to buy a polycarbonate greenhouse, which is able to create comfortable conditions for growing any garden plants.

Many companies are engaged in the production of greenhouses, and also accept orders for individual production. Polycarbonate greenhouses are simply assembled and disassembled, they can be transferred to another place without any problems. Prices for ready-made options are quite affordable, so it is possible to buy polycarbonate for greenhouses at a low price. Affordable price, ease of installation allows you to create all the comfortable and optimal conditions for successful truck farming in the shortest possible time.

Dachnaya Sloboda

Office wooden building at the "Pechorskaya" stop with a signboard GREENHOUSE VOLIA (Dachnaya Sloboda)

Check-in to the parking lot: №1 - from Oktyabrsky Prospect at the gate next to the Polyana alcohol market №2 - from the street. Pechorskaya at the gate next to the service station and further according to the signs.

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